What's in the underbelly?

Every so often I start to become aware of an energy that is driving me from underneath.

I know this because I can start to feel irritated, or distracted, uncertain and I also notice there is a buzz that is feeling its way into my thoughts and into my mind.

I recognize these moments as something that is stirring and shifting underneath the belly of what is being orchestrated in my life. The discomfort or unease – and also the other energies around that – are making me aware of it so I can tune in.


I have been thinking a lot about my purpose lately.

Each year as I look to a new cycle I get curious as to how I can more deeply claim my work in the world. Where can I expand? What else is calling me?

There is an underbelly of energy that is saying to me, "Pay attention to your alignment, follow your truth and don’t be afraid to change courses."

I have felt the edges blurring around me lately when it comes to thinking and feeling into my spaces, where things want to shift, what wants to be let go of, what wants to be called in.

Our underbelly is our driver that we must pay attention and listen to, even when we are scared and uncertain of where it will lead us.

If you stopped for a moment to listen to the buzz, to get curious about the irritation and where it was coming from, to hear where the undercurrent of your life and energy are wanting to guide you, what would you feel or what would you notice or hear?


I have spent some time, since landing home from my week away from the Island, getting curious as to what this energy is that I feel.

I may not know exactly where this energy is leading me, i just know it feels like my engines are getting warmed up and revving up to take me somewhere that I might be a afraid to go but will no doubt lead me to where my intentions are wanting and needing to land.

What I do know and what I can share with you as this steeps a little further:

There is always more space for us to grow into our purpose, always more room for us to really anchor into the potential of our possibility and leadership, whether we think we are ready for it or not, or we are worthy of it or that it can be that blissful and simple to follow.

Be curious as to where you might be holding that energy in. If you notice the irritation sometimes it is because we are ignoring the underbelly and where it is wanting to guide us.

Let it loose, trust will it will lead you, be open to its guidance and don’t ignore what is being shaped underneath you, because it is taking you exactly where you are wanting to go.

Your coach and guide,

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