The Space of Courage

Before I speak to the space of courage, I first want to speak to the medicine of horses.

Not all of you in my tribe are horse people, but are drawn to being here because you resonate with what I share, the energy of horses and perhaps are curious as to why that is.

Horses are a medicine. Medicine is a term that is from the Native American tradition where they honor and seek out the symbolism and life around everything that crosses into their path and their way on their journey.

Horses, I believe, carry the medicine of consciousness and awareness. They are both spiritually rooted and grounded animals helping us to be more connected to both a greater consciousness of spirit and be deeply grounded and present in life.

In symbolism, horses carry the archetype of power, freedom and travel. When they show up, I believe it is an encouragement for us to explore the uses of our power, the expression of our authentic self and moving into that place of both inner and outer exploration.

They are carriers for us to be reminded of our purpose, to be awakened and reminded of the truth of who we are and remember what we are capable of stepping into.

They help us become more conscious and aware human beings, holding space for us to overcome the spaces of limitations and self doubt that we hold that prevent us from living in deep alignment with our true essence.

And now onto courage…

We welcomed a beautiful new medicine horse into our herd last Sunday.


We first heard about him on Facebook, his story being circulated around the SPCA, rescued from behind the fire lines during the BC wildfires. Him and his buddy were rescued and discovered to be in a state of neglect, barely able to walk.

We felt the connection to him immediately, as did many others because we were tagged multiple times with his story and so we adopted him and gave him the medicine name of Malachi.

On a side note we have created a space for people to be more deeply connected to his journey here if they choose to be. You can find out more about that in this link

His medicine name of Malachi means my angel, or my messenger in Hebrew.

When we first connected to him, we could almost feel and see his wings, we felt deeply he carried almost an angelic presence to him, powerful, soft and divine.


His medicine is a reminder for us of what we carry within us. We are all messengers of some form, of purpose, or of light, we can speak to ourselves as lightworkers, as purpose maker, space holders that are called to share, to serve deeply with our chosen tribes.

Being a messenger doesn’t always take a form of being a teacher, or a leader, or a facilitator, but sometimes it does.

His message in particular with the space of courage is to perhaps open up the space to acknowledge that maybe we are meant to create a bigger or deeper space so our medicine and message can make its way out into the world.

Let me share something with you…

I imagine those of you that follow me believe that I came to this path perhaps naturally, that I am confident in my purpose and the spaces I hold and always wished to hold them.

I will tell you that isn’t true…

There was always a drive for purpose and meaning, but it was not until the recent 7 years that I really started to think or entertain the idea that would be more out in the world.

I didn’t always recognize the dream or the seed of being a teacher or space holder. My ambition was not always to be a mentor, or a coach. I wanted to create impact, but I have not always seen myself as a leader of anything.

My horses and this path of purpose has encouraged and opened me up to this.

I am not here to just play around with my purpose and message, or softly put some words out here or there.

My ambition or my connection to the space of being a teacher or mentor, or guide is this:

I want to deeply honor the fullness of the path that my purpose is asking me to step into.

I want to be able to acknowledge and see myself through the purity of what I am here to do, not through my fear or where ego is wanting to guide me.

Many of my clients when they come to me or when they join my tribe come with some desire and a vision to share gifts, a seed of purpose they feel but they don’t always recognize, or see themselves in a true light.

They struggle with the ability to see their own medicine or to step into the spaces they are destined to lead (and I do mean destined).

It takes great courage for us to take flight into the spaces of leadership that call us, to witness ourselves as powerful carriers of a message and give room and permission to where that inner space of being a lightworker and a carrier of purpose is calling to us.

What I speak to doesn’t mean that you must have ambition to have a big following, or be a bestseller, or to lead thousands… and also why not?

What it does mean….

Let yourself be open to the idea that your work is meant to be bigger than what you are holding it to be right now, even if you can’t see it.

I have watched the women in my circle grow into their spaces and leadership, now they tell me I get what you were seeing all along, I see that now.

They are stepping into holding the space of their message and medicine in ways they didn’t even imagine possible or wouldn’t think they could step into.

But they did.


Courage means we let our wings do the flying instead of dictating to them where they can and cannot fly.

Courage means we stay open, we entertain the fact that our perception of ourselves and our purpose is perhaps not what we believe to be.

We allow for a greater energy to guide us, giving permission to what the potential of our paths could be.

Courage means we don’t shut ourselves off to our own gifts, we don’t say no when we are called to lead something or step into it more fully.

Courage means we give space to the curiosity of moving beyond the fears that keep us stuck and we let ourselves expand beyond the limitations of self.

The medicine of courage coupled with a nudge to witness yourself more deeply rooted in the space of you are a messenger with something of value and medicine to share, and to go there.

Courage gives our wings the fuel to take flight, to soar to greater heights and be fully open to magic that life has to give to us, and our contribution to it.

And if you find yourself reading this and are feeling the resonance of the words and are ready to step into that flight, to explore what medicine and spaces you are being asked to step into and take the journey of courage to step into it...

I created a beautiful container with the intention to give you the clarity, the confidence, the ease and also the abundance that comes along with us honoring our deep calling in the world both in the space of what we have to offer others and the growth we must go through to hold it.

4 spaces remain. Apply for one of the remaining spaces here.


Allow this beautiful, gentle, and powerful horse give you a taste of a medicine so you can step more fully into the expression and meaning of you.

Lots of love, Soul Tribe.

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