What are you holding space for?

The art of space holding, I believe, is our ability and capacity to give a sacred container to what is wanting to be created through us and giving ourselves the container to hold it.

Expansion is never easy.

Creating brings lots of things to the surface.

Big dreams and upleveling ourselves and what we are holding in the world can test us deeply.

What supports all of this is our ability to create space for ourselves both as just a human and as a creator of what is moving through us.


A share…

I remember 2 years ago when this beautiful big ranch showed up in my life.

Initially I didn’t have much support. I think people thought I was a little bit insane and a part of me also believed that this was too big for me.

I decided one night that the space I needed to hold for myself and this opportunity was one of possibility, that I needed to create a boundary around negativity both coming from within myself and in the fears of others.

So I imagined this big space around me and this ranch and what it signified and I created an intention that if I could do nothing else I could hold this space with possibility and belief.

And that is what I did.

I made sure to surround myself with those that empowered and believed in what I was being asked to step into.

I was very conscious and paid attention to how I was speaking about things, what I was holding to be true.

I was devoted to this container that held a nurturing environment for this big potential coming true.

And it did.

Before I bought the ranch, I had a moment realizing that this was also about me stepping into expansion.

Expansion of myself and of the spaces I hold in the world.

It was physically a much larger property than the one I had, and it required expansion of finances, and of my mental and spiritual capacity as well.

I knew this and I knew that in order to hold this I had to be mindful about what space I held myself and also this big dream in.

What we often miss is the spaces we hold for ourselves. We tend to put a lot of attention outwards to the things we are creating, or stepping into.


One of the things I have found especially powerful over the last few years is asking the question what do I need in order to hold space for this?

Sometimes that means being both gentle and firm with my boundaries, being mindful of who is in my space and be ok with creating some distance to honor what energies feel aligned for me.

Sometimes it means being mindful of my own thoughts and self-care, being extra attentive to the needs of body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes it means spending time getting curious about my own needs. Is it more laughter? More rest? More internal belief?

And when I hold those spaces for myself I am automatically going to be able to hold space for what I am bringing to life.

What we are holding space for, what requires us to hold space for, is important and integral to our process of creating, dreaming and living what calls deeply to us.

Without this container, we have nothing. No drive, no courage, no ability to bring to life what is seeking to have life through us.

If you are resonating with this...

Take a moment to feel into where you may not be holding space for yourself, or where you are being nudged and encouraged to listen into what space is required for you and what you are being pulled to create.

What I know to be true is this…

The “success” of my business, the manifestation of this ranch, my capacity to hold space for a few branches of my work, my herd and also myself, have not happened without being aware and conscious of where that space holding is required.

It is a powerful medicine, perhaps one you are being encouraged to empower right now.

Lots of love,

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