What's Your Stake?

This week I got a notice from Facebook sharing a memory from a year ago.

That memory was of the first time I went to see the ranch that I now call home.

I reflected on how it was a year ago today that I began the journey of manifestation of the ranch of my dream and that a year later here I am…

What makes people successful at achieving their dreams over others?

As I watched people comment on the post, celebrating with me, congratulating me and expressing their inspiration, I thought about that.

People tell me all the time how they are inspired by my bold action, the manifestation of my dreams and watching it all unfold as they reach towards theirs.

What’s my secret?

My secret is my stake…

I have a stake for myself, that is clearly defined, that allows me to move closer to my dreams, to reach for my possibilities and to be fierce about holding space for them to manifest.

What’s a stake?

I learned about the concept of a stake during my leadership development program through the coach training institute.

The stake was a powerful tool that we were taught about that really landed for me.

The way that I describe it is this:

Your stake is what anchors you. It is what brings you back to the center. It is what you put in the ground that holds you up and supports your action.

I used a metaphor of a tent when describing this to someone the other day.

Imagine that you have a tent and the tent is a metaphor for your life, or your business, or whatever you are creating in your life.

Tents need stakes to be supported, to be solid and to be anchored so the wind, the rain and the weather doesn’t knock it over.

Having a stake for ourselves is similar to that.

So what’s my stake?

I have many stakes and I think the one that is most important is the one that I have for myself.

It is the stake that allows me to dream big, to take bold action towards those dreams and to put myself out there in life.

It is what allows me to show up, to be okay with being seen and being vulnerable, to be okay with failure and to really keep pushing myself beyond my fears and self-doubts.

My stake is this:

Ever since I was a young girl I had this awareness that there was a purpose to my life, there was a reason I was here on this planet and I have been driven to be in fulfillment of that for most of my life.

I remember in my twenties feeling really lost and depressed as I was navigating through figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and also the struggle of what path to take towards that.

I remember thinking this….

I am so afraid of getting to the end of my life and feeling like I didn’t try and go for something because I was too afraid. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have regrets.

So my personal stake goes something like this:

I live my life anchored to this belief of purpose, of moving towards it, and of living life to the fullest. My personal stake is the fulfillment of my life. 

So when an 80-acre ranch shows up in my inbox, when there is a calling forth for me to show up even more powerfully, to step into an even greater leadership role in the world, to take on more responsibility, I come back to that stake.

Fulfillment of purpose for my life.

When I reach for things, it never is about the successful reaching of it. Whether I manifested the ranch or not, I didn’t go for it purely because I wanted it.

I reached for it because it is important for me to show up in my life, to give myself the opportunity to be present, to go for things and, at the very least, try.

Because then I will know if something doesn’t happen or doesn’t manifest it wasn’t because I didn’t show up.

I am not afraid of failure. 
I am afraid of regret.

I made a post in my tribe this week about this.

What’s your stake? 

What’s your personal stake for yourself? For your life? 

If you don’t have one, you need to.

Because when opportunities arise, when you are being asked to leap, when dreams are hovering over you begging you to do something with them, if you don’t have a stake, if you are not anchored into something greater than yourself, it is going to be more difficult for you to claim them.

If you are someone that is both inspired and envious of people that seem to be able to create amazing things in their life and you wonder how do they or why can’t I or how do I, start with a stake.

What do you want for yourself?

What’s a powerful declaration, a statement, an anchor for you that is going to propel you forward to doing the impossible, or having the courage to dream big or leaping over that cliff that you have been standing at the brink of for awhile?

What is that for you?

Seek that out, ask yourself the question.

Is it about being happy? Fulfilled? Being on purpose? Is it about living life full out so you will have no regrets? 

What is going to be the thing that you can come back to, lean into and be inspired by that is going to bring you closer to your desires, to your fulfillment and to your wildest dreams?

If I didn’t have a stake, I would not be here…

I would not be sitting in my outdoor office on this beautiful 80-acre property and, deeper than that, I would most likely still be paralyzed by fear and self-doubt and living a smaller version of myself and my dreams.

I would not be reaching or stretching, or surprising myself with what my capacity is.

I wouldn’t have a successful practice doing what I love and feeling deeply fulfilled in both my purpose and my life.

And I wouldn’t be free of regret.

Let the thing that scares you the most become the stake that is going to give you the fuel you need towards a greater fulfillment and destiny for your life.

And the great thing is this:

You get to choose what that stake is….

Create it, lean into it, be inspired by it and let it be what propels you higher than you imagined you could reach.

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