There are moments where we are called to settle deeply into the space of our hearts.

Where our mind becomes obsolete, a space that only takes us away from the path ahead.

Where we bump up against barrier after barrier, because our lovely mind can't understand what is unfolding for us.

Our minds job is not to lead us.

Our mind is there to move energy, to direct our visions and to offer us a different type of wisdom.

We are meant to lead from our hearts.

There is intelligence there.  It is deep, it is wise, it is intuitive and it knows how to navigate through the unknown.

My heart has been calling to me.  It has been beckoning to me to follow it, to lead with it.

I try in my life to be moved by the calling of my heart, it is the place I go to when my mind cannot understand or fathom the movements in my life.

Or if I am being called to occupy new spaces and I am afraid.

The heart knows.

I was reminded of this today, of late.  Of the wisdom that lies in the space of our hearts.

There is deep knowing there, deep wisdom.

We can never be lost if we follow the guidance of our hearts.

Our heart will never steer us wrong.

I feel like there are many times in my life where I am being asked to stretch, and I welcome it.

There are also many moments in my life where I am afraid, deeply.

When I am being called, when life is calling to me, when destiny is calling to me, when I am being asked to leap, and then leap further.

It's terrifying.

And here is what else I know to be true.

Our hearts will carry us forward in the unknown. It will carry us forward through the new spaces, through stretches, through dreams and through navigating through the darkness of the unknown.

Leading from our hearts simply means we are trusting deeply our paths and where it is calling us.

There is an invitation to drop into the intelligence and intuition that your heart carries.

It knows the way forward when your mind does not. It offers hope when your worries seem to overtake you and it leads you into something most spectacular for your life.

I seek the comfort of my heart over and over again.

It is the first place I go when I need to be reminded, when I need to find the way forward, when I need to trust, because I am so deeply terrified of what is being asked of me.

When I am being called and when I need to feel and am seeking to feel more alive.

There is a vibrancy and aliveness that comes from moving from our heart space. An energy that overtakes us, a strength that we did not know existed.

Did you know how strong your heart is? Did you know how much it expands around you? How much it calls to you to listen, to trust and to be conscious of the wisdom that lies there?

What would our world look like if more of us lead from our hearts.

What would our relationships to life, our dreams, our purpose, each other be like if we moved from this place?

It moves me to think of this. It moves me when I meet another who has moved there. It moves me when my beautiful clients breathe in to that place and create from there.

It's powerful.

Your heart is a powerful powerful place that has been dormant for far too long.

The horses called me more deeper into my heart today.

Not in the way I expected or anticipated.

It wasn't through a gentle moment or a sacred embrace.

It wasn't through a softness or a tear.

It was through an uprising. 

It was through being pushed, with force. It was through an obvious way of saying look at me. Be with me, come back to me.

And I did.  I answered the call and I stepped more deeply into the space of the horse. In a way I haven't done for a long time.

In the sacred dance of moving, of communicating.  They were asking me to go deeper, to occupy more and so I did.

What was moved by forced ended in a gentle fire of deep connection. A recognition, a gratitude, and a remembering of this is where I am meant and am called to lead from.

I looked in the eye of the two horses that engaged me today, that asked me to move deeper into the power and embodiment of my horse and something was unearthed. A deeper understanding of what is being asked of me

I use to be afraid of living deeply through my heart, scared of it, because I felt so deeply, because I didn't know how to be with what I felt there. Because I didn't know if I could trust it.

Because I was afraid of where it would lead, and I would not be strong enough.

And I was afraid of the fragility of the heart.

What I discovered on this journey.

My heart is not fragile it is strong.

It is not weak, it is wisdom.

It is never lost, when I am lost my heart always knows the answer.

And it is through living there that the doors of opportunity, of sacred possibilities of magic and of connection have lived.

It is where I have discovered myself. My true self. My essence, my core.

It is there I lead. Through the gentle fires of the heart.

I call it fierce grace.

And today I was reminded of the fierceness of leading from the heart and it made me cry. It was like coming home to part of me, one that I am ready to hold more deeply.  One that I can't deny any longer.

I will confess I am still scared. I know once we move more deeply from that place it's hard to go back from where we were.

We outgrow things, we leave things behind, we have to see ourselves differently. I can't get away with the things I use to. There are no more excuses, there are no more barriers, there are no more closed doors. 

All that lies before me is a big open field of dreams, of possibilities and a great big calling that is so loud I can't drown it out anymore.

This is what is waiting for you.

And I get it, I know how scary it is, and I also know you can't deny it's there anymore.

The heart is calling, the depths of the spaces you are meant to hold and lead from are calling. 

This is the power of the heart.

There is courage there in the heart, there is fuel, there is desires, there are dreams that are waiting to be unearthed.

And it is deep and wide and expansive.

The heart knows no boundaries or limits to this life. Where our minds do, our heart's don't.

Intuition lives in the heart, the soul speaks to us through the heart, our wisdom is found in the breathe in the heart.

If I could reach out from this page and take your hand I would. I would look into your eyes and I would seek out your heart and I would find myself there and I would recognize the struggle and the fight to lead more deeply from there.

It makes no sense. I laugh when I write this, there is a howl. I could throw my head back and laugh at the ridiculousness that is coming from there.

It makes no sense.  What is being asked of me, why I am afraid, why I feel like it can't be me, or I am not worthy.

It makes no sense and yet it is true.

When we lead more deeply from the heart the non sensical makes sense. Our desires make sense, our crazy leaps make sense, our even crazier dreams make sense and our deep inner knowing make sense.

My heart is happy, because I have leapt there, my horses are happy because I didn't fight it.

I sat back and watched myself amazed to see how differently I responded to being pushed, a calm took over, the rage that was felt for an instant left my body.

That is what happens when we lead from our hearts. The rage, the frusteration, the agitation they disappear. Because we don't need them any longer, because we listened. We heeded the call and we answered and we said yes.

I have learnt by now not to fight what is being mirrored to me by the horses, to allow myself with compassion to see the mirror that is being held up for me. To embrace it, to be grateful for it, to be humbled by it.

I am still learning too.  I have learned that it is never about the horse, but the invitation of what is being mirrored for me to see. There is no projection, simply truth.

The truth tonight, you asked for it, here it is.

The mirror of your heart, and you can go there, and you can lead from there and you are strong there.  And when you do, something peaceful happens.

You get it, you understand, you see, you are fearless because you understand what the fear is, so there is no need to have it anymore.

There is liberation and there is freedom here, in this space.


What would happen if you lead through your heart?

If you payed attention to what it is speaking to you?

If you created the space to hear it?

Something happens when we choose to lead from there.

Life becomes effortless, magnified, magical, known.

We stretch in ways we didn't even know we could stretch.

We step into spaces we had no idea we were capable of.

We dream.

We leap.

We trust.

We know.

We are intuitive.

We expand.

My invitation to you,

Let your heart guide you.

Ask it what it needs.

Create space to hear it, to listen to it and to follow it.


Intention is a powerful thing.

Put your hand on your heart, breathe into it and create an intention of clarity.

That you will know deeply what it wants for you, what it has for you in it's core.

Look there.

Create the space, choose it. Over and over again choose your heart.

How do I do that?

You intend it.  You simply intend it.  Journal through it, seek places in your life that will help you journey more deeply into the core of your heart.

We need more heart based leaders in the world. One's that have the courage to move and be moved by that place.

That's know it is not weak to operate from there, but a deep strength.

Your heart is calling? Will you answer it?

If you need help summoning the wisdom of your heart, share that with me, I would love to help guide you there.

If your heart had wisdom for you in this moment, if you knew what it was what would it say?

Perhaps a nudge to share it with the rest of us, I have a feeling there is something we need to hear from it.

If you are inclined share it in the comments, share your heart and share your wisdom.

And most important lead from there.

Holding you deeply in the space of your heart and joining you there,

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