6-month Membership Circle

A unique membership circle for women creators and purpose holders that are seeking accountability, support and intuitive guidance that will help them propel their visions and ambitions forward into life.


I believe there are moments where we are called to join a space that will awaken us to the depth of our own wisdom and potential and will hold us in the fire of making our intentions and visions come to life.

This is one of them.

It is easy for us to procrastinate on what we are called to hold space for in the world, to get overwhelmed by doubt and fear and get stuck in that space of stagnation. It also isn't always available for us to leap into a deep space of support that comes with a high investment although we know we need a supportive space to keep us in alignment with our focus, personal mastery and movement in bringing our intentions, goals and ambitions to life.

This 6 month membership container was created to give you just that, accountability, guidance, support and empowerment so you don't lose yourself and your goals to fear and self doubt and you are given a container that will hold you to the fruition and creation of what you are wanting to step into and also what you are called to create through your purpose, your business and personal practice of growth.

Why Awaken. Manifest. Magic.

At the heart and core of this space and all the spaces I hold, my desire is to awaken you to your own innate wisdom, self-mastery and brilliance so you can continue to empower that in both your personal and professional ambitions.


Because I believe in our ability to manifest what we desire and to understand with clarity and certainty what that feels like.

Manifestation is the ability to be in tune with and understand our own intuitive capacity to call things forth in our lives from a place of ease and not force. It is the understanding of our nature as powerful creators and aligning ourselves to that truth.

Manifestation is a spiritual power and a mindset that once mastered allows us to watch as things seem to flow effortlessly to us, in our practice and also in the confidence we feel to create and bring in what we want into our lives and our business.


Because, well, we are magic. There in life exists a magic thread which, I believe, is a deeper wisdom and experience of ourselves and the universe. And it is my job to remind you of this magic so you can enforce it in what you are building and being called to build in your life.

And, simply, magic is fun. It is light, and is the energy in which we begin to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment without the seriousness that often accompanies our desire to know ourselves more deeply.

There is both a collective and personal energy that is guiding us in our lives and in our purpose. Tapping into this energy and utilizing it for greater clarity and direction is a powerful way to create a greater ease and alignment in how we are creating and showing up within ourselves and where we are called forth in our life.

This container and this circle is about expanding your perspective, aligning you with the intuition and knowledge of how to become more conscious about the collective energy that is guiding you and your own personal ability to be in rhythm with it.


Who THIS circle is for:

This is membership circle is for intuitives, creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs and visionaries that are looking to deepen into their awareness of energy, intuition and consciousness to become more attuned to how their own brilliance and medicine is being called to evolve and held in their world.  It is a container that will empower you in mastering your mindset, overcome your fears, get clear on how to bring your spaces and your leadership forward. Support you in clarifying the message and pathway that it takes to speak to your tribe and align yourself to them where you will be given heart felt and soulful business and inner mastery support so you can create big shifts within yourself and what you are seeking to create space for through your purpose and medicine. 

deep support, guidance and accounatbility for 6 full months.

Procrastination and self doubt can shut the doorways of our own progress and realization down faster than much anything else and it can be hard at times for us to keep the focus and the movement going when we are in the pit of the uncertainty of the how, or the feeling of false beliefs that tell us all of the reasons why we can't.

It isn't always so simple for us to get over ourselves and continue to move, or to know where to focus our intention or to create practice and ritual that empowers ourselves, our visions and our capacity to continue to create and hold them.

Which is why I created this 6 months online membership container, I wanted to be able to create a space that was also super easy to step into that would give those that are looking for that encouragement of accountability and guidance a space that will call them forward in their own vision and leadership and get really great mentorship and guidance on the how's, so that you don't feel overwhelmed in trying to figure it out for yourself. 


How does the membership space unfold?

Once you step into the membership space, you are added to a private Facebook group with access to myself and a welcome packet to begin anchoring in your intentions, goals and growth for the next 6 months.

Each month you receive:

  • Weekly prompts and guidance to take movement and hold space for yourself and what you are wanting to move forward in your practice, your business or fruition of your business.
  • Monthly Masterclass Calls -- the content being what is most supportive for where you are needing support that month, it will be a combination of practice for our own growth and mindset and business advice on guidance in where the group is needed that empowerment.
  • Access to me via 3 emails once a month. Whatever you need support on, whether it is you are stuck in fear and stagnation, you need help with copy, creating your programs, getting clients, you have access to me with whatever length of email you need 3 times a month for 1:1 support.
  • Monthly guidance and messages from the herd for an addition of horse medicine to speak to the subtler and more intuitive energies we can partner and align with to move us forward.
  • Access to me in the Facebook group to tag with whatever you need my eyes on or for questions where you need support.



How do I gain access to THE 6-month membership?

There are three ways to gain access to the membershipMaking it as easy as I can for people that are looking for deep support with incredible value, here are the options supportive for you to step into this space.


Option 1:
 Monthly Installment of $125 USD for 6 months



Option 2:
3 payments of $250 USD, spread out over the course of 6 months (pay once every 2 months)



Doorway Number 3: 
This gives you the full 6-month membership PLUS 2 60-minute coaching calls with me with a pay-in-full option of $750 USD


Due to the intimate and also depth of support of this container space is incredibly limited. Pick one of the options above to claim your space into what will promise to be a supportive and powerful 6 month container for you what you are holding space for with your purpose and movement through your practice and sacred work.

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