Membership Circle

A unique membership circle that combines the wisdom and medicine of horses with life, leadership and business mentorship for the highly sensitive and intuitive purpose-driven visionary, entrepreneur and seeker.


I believe there are moments where we are called to join a space that will awaken us to the depth of our own wisdom and potential.

This is one of them.

As a seeker myself, I have come to appreciate the value of having containers held for me as I deepened into my own self-mastery in pursuit of my highest calling in this life. And this is what I am called to create for others.

Why Awaken. Manifest. Magic.

At the heart and core of this space and all the spaces I hold, my desire is to awaken you to your own innate wisdom, self-mastery and brilliance so you can continue to empower that in both your personal and professional ambitions.


Because I believe in our ability to manifest what we desire and to understand with clarity and certainty what that feels like.

Manifestation is the ability to be in tune with and understand our own intuitive capacity to call things forth in our lives from a place of ease and not force. It is the understanding of our nature as powerful creators and aligning ourselves to that truth.


Because, well, we are magic. There in life exists a magic thread which, I believe, is a deeper wisdom and experience of ourselves and the universe. And it is my job to remind you of this magic so you can enforce it in what you are building and being called to build in your life.

And, simply, magic is fun. It is light, and is the energy in which we begin to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment without the seriousness that often accompanies our desire to know ourselves more deeply.

There is both a collective and personal energy that is guiding us in our lives and in our purpose. Tapping into this energy and utilizing it for greater clarity and direction is a powerful way to create a greater ease and alignment in how we are creating and showing up within ourselves and where we are called forth in our life.

This container and this circle is about expanding your perspective, aligning you with the intuition and knowledge of how to become more conscious about the collective energy that is guiding you and your own personal ability to be in rhythm with it.


Who THIS circle is for:

This is membership circle is for intuitives, creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs and visionaries that are looking to deepen into their awareness of energy, intuition and consciousness to become more attuned to how their own brilliance and medicine is being called to evolve and held in their world. 

It is an opportunity to get bold and inspired action and support that will feel as if you couldn't imagine how the horses and I knew what you were navigating through and where you needed the most guidance.

Because we are magic like that…

Partnering with Horse Medicine in the Awaken. Manifest. Magic Circle

Horse medicine is a focal point to our own facilitation but also has brought us tremendous amounts of clarity and practical wisdom into our own lives, aspirations and direction in both our personal and professional arenas.

Horses are pure in their delivery. There is no bias that is involved there. They exist in a higher consciousness and, through that, empower us in our own grasping and awakening to a more expanded way of being within ourselves and how we show up creatively in the world.

And because our tribe, as always, found the horse medicine to be deeply powerful and affirming for what they are navigating through, we created a space to expand those teachings and deepen it to those that are called.

Along with the medicine of the horses, you will also be receiving a monthly training from yours truly on topics such as deepening our awareness of intuition, visualization, empowerment of purpose, clarifying our ideal client and spaces, and whatever other teachings you ask me to create or I am guided to create.

How the membership circle works:

At the beginning of each month, you receive a channeled message from one of our herd of masterful horse teachers to offer you a medicine to guide you for that particular month.

The horses in their medicine are always a guided marker and anchor for myself as I continue to reach and expand my own spaces and this is where I get to share those teachings and deepen it for you.

With each message, you will also be given both spiritual and practical messages that you can leverage in your practice and how you are feeling called to create for that month. You will be able to know with certainty how to integrate and utilize each monthly forecast for the greatest potential of impact in both your personal and professional spaces.

On the third week of each month, you receive a deepening of the teaching of that particular horse that is applicable to both yourself and your business or where you hold space for purpose that continues to deepen the teachings so you really are able to continue to receive inspiration and accountability in your investment and commitment to this circle.

How iT iS delivered:

At the beginning of the month, you will receive an email with that month’s horse message followed by a video on the third week of the month to deepen the teaching.

All of the teachings and messages will be allocated to a Dropbox folder that you will then have access to so you can come back to it anytime you wish.

You receive access to the medicine and teachings from both the horses and I for life.


How do I gain access to the membership?

There are three ways to gain access to the membership.


To just be on the list to receive the monthly forecast, video and channelled message, you enter into Doorway Number One for $20 USD per month. You can opt in and out at anytime.



Doorway Number Two includes an option of having 4 email exchanges with me a month for a deeper experience of coaching and intuitive guidance so you can have some more support for yourself and what you are currently creating.

For this monthly membership plus 4 email exchanges for more coaching and support, it is $35 USD per month. This is also a month-to-month opt in that you can change at anytime.



Doorway Number 3 gives you a 6-month membership plus two 90-minute coaching calls with me for greater support and check-ins plus the 4 monthly email exchanges. 

This is a great option if you are looking for some coaching and mentorship at a softer entry than a longer coaching program that gives you both the benefit of 1:1 with the horse medicine experience.

The 6-month membership with two 90-minute private calls that you can use at anytime, is one payment of $797 USD.

** BONUS: This 6-month option also comes along with bonus access to the Medicine Woman Unleashed 10-week program plus our Manifesting Mastery Course with a value of $899.

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