Evolutionary Lightworker

A 90-day Journey to Business and Self Mastery


There comes a time in our paths as space holders, purpose creators, visionaries and leaders where we are being asked to evolve.

Past our comfort zones, beyond our fears and self limitations and into a deeper trust with our purpose and what we are meant to be leaders of through our purpose and through our calling in the world.

Here you are...at a crossroads of sorts, you know you have a choice, to stay in the comfort of what you have created or step into the transformation and evolution of where your purpose and higher vision is calling you.

I believe in something….

We are not meant for mediocrity, or just skimming the surface of our potential. We are meant to step into being masterful in our craft, brilliant in the holding of our business and our spaces of leadership, and creating through the highest possibility of our calling.

And this container will hold you in that space so you are allowing and giving permission to the natural and potent evolution of your inner self, your leadership and the business that empowers it all.

Welcome to the Evolutionary Lightworker, a 90 Day journey to Business and Self mastery for the spirited and purpose driven entrepreneur that is ready to evolve their practice and their own self mastery to reflect where they are being asked to show up more powerfully in the world.

What do I Know about Evolution of Self and Business?

A story…

In 2014 I found myself at a crossroads, I had been in pursuit of building a business of substance around this beautiful calling I had with horses for 2.5 years.  My crossroads was one that looked like this.
My business was failing…. I was struggling to even coming close to paying my bills, I lacked self confidence, I couldn’t charge what I needed to for my services.

I was burnt out, terrified that it meant that I wasn’t doing what I was suppose to, I was attracting clients that were not inspiring me and in fact making me feel resent with what I was doing.

I was at a place that I knew things had to shift both within myself and in the vision of my purpose and the business that held it or else I was going to watch my dream of having a ranch and a thriving practice disappear before my eyes.

It was a daunting, terrifying and uncomfortable time for me, I wasn’t certain I had what it took, I had lost faith in my dreams, I wasn’t clear on what it was going to look like for me to create a shift, I was pushed up against a wall that was forcing me to do some really deep soul searching and decide what direction I was going to go.

Evolve, change and move or stay the course I was in that was clearly not working for me.

Ever since I was a little girl I had this deep desire to do something meaningful with my life, to seek purpose, to have land, horses, a retreat center and 

It took an epic transformation on my part and with the help of some amazing mentors but I was able to pay attention to where I was asking to evolve and I stepped into it.

I will tell you the truth it wasn’t easy, I really had to look in a really honest way how I was holding myself and my business back and I had to change how I was showing up and where my alignment was to my work, my purpose and the business that was holding it all.

But I did it…

3 years later I am writing this from a stunning 80 acre retreat ranch that is carbon copy of a vision I had as a girl.


I create beautiful spaces for my clients that feel deeply resonate to my purpose, I LOVE MY WORK. My business is thriving and my practice has brought in over $500k in revenue in the last 2.5 years.

I am fully aware and conscious of the choices and places we are asked to deepen both within how we hold ourselves in relationship to our business and in our business ourselves in order to meet the potential and possibility that it holds for us and those we are called to serve.

This container was created so I could hold those that are moving through the fires of evolution of themselves, their purpose and their business and are being asked to meet where they are being called forth. 

“Since Hillary and I first spoke she encouraged me to go back to the beginning of my work. To reexamine who I am and what parts of myself I need to bring to the surface and enhance. Because my processing revolves around work on the canvas she encouraged me to dedicate an entire painting to this ground work. I also looked at who I am meant to support with my work and to explore bringing prosperity to my work.

Well... since then I can’t believe what has all transpired. I’ve sold many commissioned Priestess Portraits. I have been invited to facilitate at a local weekend workshop which is almost full. I have joined forces with a friend to put together a retreat in September at Hillary’s ranch and that is also filling effortlessly. I have the layout for an entire program and have been asked to team up with another fellow intuitive creativity™ artist to offer something online.

I feel as though I’ve been caught up on this incredible wave of flow and the support that Hillary has offered along the way has been instrumental.

I never tire of working with Hillary Schneider. She has incredible insights and has a way of seeing through the walls that we seem to so readily build up around ourselves. Thank you Hillary for your heart and soul that you put into everything that you create!”
— Jackie Deblasio

This 90 Day is for those that are ready to move beyond the crossroads into a powerful space of transformation for both you and your purpose as held in the container of your business.


What we address during our time together...



Deep rooted inner work to overcome our fears and limitations that are keeping us from meeting the true potential of ourselves in our gifts and also masterful holding of our spaces in the world.

Creating ritual and practices that will empower new thoughts patterns and beliefs that will continue to inspire the much needed transformation of ourselves and our practice so it can thrive the way it was meant to and we are supported in holding it.

Clarity of our strengths of leadership and mastery so we can own it with greater certainty and confidence at a much higher level than we already are.

Accessing a deeper sense of our own inner source of intuition and empowerment to give us courage and boldness in how we show up and navigate both our business and our clients forward.

Mastering our mindset or what I like to call internal landscape so we are creating clear pathways with our thoughts to match the potential of our spaces and success that we are seeking to hold.



Business mastery includes:

Refinement of our message and our communication to our tribe about who we are and what we do. No more hiding or diluting what we speak to and the power behind it.

Adjusting whom we serve and why? Chances are you are not speaking to the tribe of resonate and aligned clients you are wanting to. The ones that will be transformed deeply by your work and also be excited to pay you for your services at the level and value you are serving.

Structures and foundations of business: speaking to the soul of our business what do we need to put into place for our business to thrive and create a deep and soulful container for our purpose and our clients that will continue to grow and sustain as we do.

Building a strong container for our business to thrive: Boundaries, pricing, and sacred contracts with both ourselves and our clients.

“I was ready to quit chasing promises and move deeper into my own purpose and work. Truth is, I was at the point I was ready to give up on the idea of building an online coaching business when I started working with Hillary.

I’ve loved working with Hillary. She powerfully holds space for her clients and the work to be done. She is so present in her support that you can’t help but expand and grow. And Hillary embodies living a spiritual yet grounded life. She models that authenticity that I strive for in my own business. With the guidance she provided I was able to bring myself back to center and alignment. I’m having fun! and my business is blossoming. No more thoughts of quitting!

Hillary helped me create space for myself in a way I hadn’t been doing. Everything feels so much easier and flows in a way it hadn’t before. I find myself playing and experimenting to see what works. All the information I’ve collected around online business is falling into place or falling away and I’m able to make it mine.

Hillary is a powerful yet gentle leader and teacher, who fiercely holds the vision of possibility, and shows you the path to finding your own gifts and strengths. She is generous, wise, and an overall amazing woman.

Thank you for all you do Hillary! I’m so glad I paid attention when I was nudged to work with you. I know there is even more to come.”
— Brenda King

Who this space is for?


The Evolutionary Lightworker is for purpose based entrepreneurs that are looking to uplevel their vision, service and success in their business without compromising the heart and the integrity of their sacred work.

You may be a coach, a facilitator, a writer, creator or space holder that is looking to get more deeply aligned and serious about meeting the full potential of what you hold space for in the world along with creating a thriving business and practice alongside of it.

You may be struggling with:

  • Finding clients that you love working with that also are happy to pay you what you would love to charge.
  • Creating offerings that speak to the depth of you work that is truly reflective of your gifts and talents in the world, including what you value them at.
  • Being really clear about who you serve and how to create a full what tree of offerings that speak to the fullness of the tribe of people that will resonate with your work.
  • Burnout and feeling resentful of your work, time and exchange that you are currently holding in your practice.
  • Not making enough money in your business in a way that feels good to you.
  • A lack of confidence and certainty in your level of transformation of what you hold space for and the value of your work in the world.
  • Owning your gifts and leadership you are not able to see your own mastery and talents.
  • Creating proper structures, contracts and systems for your clients at the level of professionalism you would like.
  • Fear and self doubt, that are crippling you and effectiveness in creating and building a thriving practice.

The outcome and impact of these 90 days: 

  • Certainty and a deeper claiming of who you are called to serve and the creation of the containers that call to them.
  • Confidence in yourself, your gifts and your ability to succeed in your business through your purpose.
  • A greater depth of self mastery, you will walk away with powerful shifts and a knowing of how to continue to nurture those beyond our time together.
  • Manifestation of new clients and a transformation of the solidness of spaces you hold for them.
  • A business you feel more solidly aligned in that you have a clear vision of certainty of the impact of it and the sustainability of where it will also support you.
  • Creation of new spaces that speaks to the levels of your tribe and you stepping into leading them.
Hillary - High Res-23.jpg

At 32 years old I found myself stepping into a fulfillment of a dream of owning a ranch, a big herd and doing purposeful work in the world that I thought was years away from happening, with a side of doubt that I was delusional to have a big dream.

There was a guiding force pulling me forward asking me to look beyond what I believe possible for myself and what I felt compelled to create in the world and I listened and met it.

Through my own journey I have come to understand the what it looks like to create space for possibility and to meet the potential of our own evolution as lightworkers that are powerfully creating through a successful business that has impact not just for others but ourselves.

We are meant to create amazing things in our lifetime and this container is going to empower and bring that into realization for you.

“Within our first session together, Hillary, was able to point me back to my true north. Her words were nourishment to my soul and helped me find my alignment again. She helped pull me out of the mud I was stuck in and get my footing again. She was like a breath of fresh air, holding space for me to find my connection again. I found a kindred spirit with Hillary, someone who speaks my language. A soul sister on the same path. If you feel the call to work with Hillary don’t dismiss it, answer it and see your life transform!”
— Denise Cooper

How the 90 DAYS unfold:

  • 2 group calls per month

  • Weekly modules

  • Four 1:1 75-minute mentoring sessions with yours truly

  • A business soul reading with my masterful herd of horses

  • A private Facebook group

  • Call recordings

  • Access to a library of content and guided meditations to continue to guide your journey forward beyond our time together.


Your Investment

  • $1,500 USD paid in full

  • $1,997 USD in 4 payments of $500


To apply for a space in the 90 Day Business and Self Mastery Container please fill out an application below

Hillary is not only a powerful coach, but a soulful woman who truly walks her talk. I’ve done many programs and private coaching with her over the past few years. She’s supported me through a tremendous stage of growth and transition. I’ve always appreciated her transparency and wisdom, but having had the blessing and opportunity to visit her on the ranch and work with the horses last year, I can share that the depth of her integrity and ability to facilitate offers true transformation. Whatever you decide you need, trust the process. But if you can make it happen, do make the trek to work with her and the horses! Such a life-changing gift to yourself.
— Caitlin Lyon
I wanted to share a quick note to and about the power of Hillary. I enrolled in the 6 week intensive and had my first coaching call on Friday. It was amazing!

Hillary encouraged me to go deeper than ever on the essence of my work. She encouraged me to move to the crystallized portion of who I am, am meant to work with, what I offer them and what it looks like when I embrace my power and fully step into my purpose and passions.

For me accessing guidance for all of these inquiries are through art and specifically what I call Priestess Portraits. This is how I’m able to form a direct pathway to spirit and heart. I’m allowed glimpses into my inner consciousness and draw out the wisdom that I’m seeking.

This work is so incredible and is at the core of what I’m meant to share.

The main message that I received was that we all contain an inner priestess and that she is a powerful expression of the divine feminine. She resides at the altar of her life and conjures all the elements that she needs to shape shift her world. She aligns with her inner wisdom and gifts and embraces her uniqueness and has sacred work to be done.

My job is to show those I work with this inner pathway to spirit and to remind them of how powerful they are.

This painting is only half complete and I have been working on her every chance I have since my call with Hillary. It has been rich with messaging and I can’t wait to see what transpires in the next half:)

P.S. If you’re considering working with Hillary don’t hesitate as she will catalyze things in you that are just waiting for the right nudge. She has this power! xxx
— Jackie Deblasio
“Hilary is an amazing coach, teacher and person! I highly recommend working with her in any capacity you can!”
— Elizabeth Novack Grooms
Hillary inspires big dreams and bold action, both in the way she lives her own life and in the way she holds space for and guides her clients. She is beautifully authentic, heart-centered and intuitive, and a true leader.
— Krista Brown
Hillary has a beautiful gift where she can provide a soft nudge and illuminate areas of your life where you need support. There is no judgement, just a gentle nudge. She provides such a safe space for the client/coach relationship and her authenticity is so apparent as she speaks of her own journey. I reached out to Hillary because I resonated with her story as it aligns so close to mine and my desire to bring Horse Medicine into my own coaching practice. I often feel like she is reading my mind with her posts and videos so her wisdom arrives just as I need it. It is a joy working with Hillary.
— Angela Robertson Geddes
I am a skeptic by nature (at least I was.)
I didn’t trust a higher power.
I didn’t trust myself.
I was abused, badly, in many, many ways.

I had done SO much work—alone—because I didn’t trust anyone. Every single adult or spiritual leader in my life had either abused me or sought to destroy me. I was really ok going at it alone.

I had come so far. And then I just didn’t know what was next. I had no clue what the next thing to do was. I didn’t know how to proceed.

I have always had a deep knowing. I know I am valuable despite being abused. I know I am loved and can show love despite being shown and told otherwise. But I kept experiencing the exact opposites of what I inherently knew—and I didn’t know why—and I didn’t know how to break that cycle.

Then the universe brought me Hillary.

And of course, the first thing I did was resist.

No way this lady can help me. She has no clue how hard my life was and is. She’s probably just one of those coaches who says shit one way and does another. I don’t need anyone. I can do this alone. I’ve done it alone all this time, I don’t need to pay someone to “coach” me. (and on and on and on.) LOL

I watched Hillary for nearly a year. I read every post, every email, and watched every video. I realized that she is authentic. Period. And that matters to me. Because if a person isn’t able to help me, I want them to say to me: I cannot help you, or I don’t have all the answers but here are some things you can try. I want someone who can admit we’re all unique (but there are commonalities.)

I finally took the leap, and it was a BIG LEAP for me. I paid in full for six months of coaching. I used money that was planned for something else, but I knew that if I didn’t pay in full I wouldn’t complete the sessions.

I had many (many) emotional breakdowns and personal crises during our sessions and Hillary always—always—remained an anchor. She always reminded of me who I was at my core.

Above all, she taught me to trust my higher source, my inner voice, higher self, my intuition.

All these terms for the same thing. She taught me how to trust me. how to BE me—fully and without apology.

So here’s the hard core, bold and brazen girl, softened by the loving heart of someone who absolutely knows what she’s doing. Every time I went deep, she met me there. We laughed, we cried, I bitched and she held a mirror up to it. LOL

I truly would’ve never fathomed that I’d be here today, fully me, more alive than I’ve ever been, completely sure of myself, full of confidence, and ready to move to the next phase of my life here, which includes very little struggling, because I’ve done that for far too long. This is a new phase that includes stepping fully into my power and being of service to others—that is something I wasn’t willing or able to do without Hillary’s guidance.

There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world for the gifts you’ve given me and helped me open up within myself.
— Michelle Pendergrass
I started Hillary’s Awaken Manifest Magic circle last week with the option of coaching emails. I would like to share the amazing journey it has already started for me. It really does Awaken and manifest magic.

Since starting the circle and the coaching emails with Hillary I have had a total shift in my direction.

When I sent my first email I said I had started my home based massage business that I wanted help with and had enrolled to do an acupuncture degree. Over the last couple of days I realised that I had enrolled in acupuncture it because I thought it would be a good thing to do but I wasn’t passionate about it.

I decided two days ago not to do the acupuncture degree and decided instead to sign up for meditation and mindfulness teacher training so I can offer meditation classes to my Clients and have mini retreat days.

I was even looking at Equine assisted therapy courses as always in my big dream I wanted people who come to me to be part of the energy of my horses.

Then after looking at these courses I get up the next morning and in my Facebook feed there is an equine assisted therapy workshop advertised in my area in 3 weeks time!! How is that for the universe putting opportunity in my path.

Anyway big shift in my thinking. No more doing what I think will be popular or profitable, now to just do what comes from my heart.

I just wanted to share this with you all as Hillary’s work is amazing and life changing.
— Anna Collis
I’m fortunate to be working with Hillary right now and the experience so far has caused huge, positive shifts. She’s helped me create structure and rituals (similar to the ones in the Manifesting High-End Clients with Ease webinar) that are really starting to help me get focused and gain momentum. My vision is clear and I’m focused and productive.

In the stake post, there was a theme about trust. Makes sense since one of my most sacred values is TRUST. I uncovered this in some work that Hillary and I did together. As long as I TRUST my vision and do what it needs to come into fruition, I don’t need to fret about the how.

When I finally began to TRUST myself is when things started happening.

I TRUST that my strength in building relationships will help me build my business.

I TRUST that I can put myself and my work out there before it’s perfect because it will help my business.

It’s not about being strategic and perfect. It’s about TRUSTING.

Last Saturday, I committed to put some not yet perfect offers on my website, post something on my Facebook page and Instagram at least once this week.

Today, I received this email:

Subject: It’s me! I need you.
Hi Jocelyn,
(some pleasantries and catching up)

I really need your help with branding. I caught up on your website and Instagram and as I guessed it’s all everything I need to know and need help with.

I hope we can chat and I hope you’re interested in helping me! Looking forward to chatting soon. (It was from a woman I met in the dog park 8 years ago. We became friends, but lost touch when we both moved)

That email was from a relationship I’d built. No crazy marketing tactics or sales pages.

Other colleagues and past friends and acquaintances are showing up and providing support and affirmation.

So grateful to Hillary. This is powerful stuff. Thank you for sharing and for your guidance.”
— Jocelyn Ring
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